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Aluchemie is a real industrial company. Hence we are often looking for people interested in technical jobs. We have around 220 employees and some 60 regular contractor personnel work at our site. 

The process starts when ships are unloaded at our quay, the raw materials are then mixed and compacted to form anodes in the Paste & Moulding Department. These anodes are then fired in a furnace after which their quality is checked and they are packed in the Finishing Department.

So we have interesting jobs and challenges for everyone! 


220 Employees


Our employees enjoy working here, this is proven by the fact that on average they have been with us for 19 years. 

Working at an industrial company

Career with Aluchemie

We try to give everyone the best opportunities to develop their career.

Current vacancies

Check here what technical and other vacancies we currently have. 

Employee interviews

Some of our team members would like to tell you more about working here. 

Focus on people

At Aluchemie the focus is on people. We hold regular “canteen meetings” where snacks and drinks are served. During these meetings the management provide information about the current situation and plans for the future. This gives everybody an opportunity to ask questions about how things are going in our business. Minipers, our internal newsletter, is published every week. 

All our products are fully client specific

Of course our operational people are supported by various departments including Purchasing, HR, HSEQ, Planning, IT, Finance, Lab, Process Engineering and Maintenance. Our products are further refined by our own technical people, working with the professionals at our shareholders. So, do check out our vacancies if you are looking for a job in a traditional (in the best sense of the word) technical business. 

We have an active personnel association. You can read more about them on their website. 

Here is the link to their website.

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