“Bij Aluchemie krijgen mensen met talent een kans.”

Seyit RendaOperator, Paste & Moulding Department

While studying at the Techniek College Rotterdam Seyit did two internships at Aluchemie. He enjoyed that experience so much that in July 2018 he applied for a job and never looked back! We offer talented people opportunities and that’s why Seyit enjoys working at Aluchemie.

Challenging work

“As operator at the Paste & Moulding Department I work with a range of machines and installations. During the day I work with dosing balances, crushers, mixers, heaters, conveyors and filters. That makes my work varied and challenging. The business also ensures that I keep learning and take a broader outlook. One of the key challenges in my work is preventing and fixing issues. Every time I do that gives me satisfaction.” 

Working in shifts

“In our department we weigh the raw materials and then grind and mix them. They are then placed in a vibrating mould and compressed by a die. This results in green anodes which then go to the Furnace department. In addition we take material samples for the laboratory. Our department has 33 people in total, working in 5 shifts. I enjoy working in shifts as it means I regularly have days off during the week. And my colleagues are brilliant!” 

Development and training

“In the past year I have followed a number of courses. Some covered the processes at our department. But I have also followed general courses, such as Out/Tag out, firefighting and operating forklift trucks. Aluchemie encourages its personnel to develop themselves as broadly as possible. In the longer term I hope to become a supervisor. For that reason I am currently studying for the C diploma in Process Engineering.” 

Working a technical job

“I would certainly encourage others to take a technical job, for example as an operator. Industry needs many new people as current employees are getting older. I would definitely recommend a job or internship at Aluchemie! Our company may not be widely known, but interns, like myself in the past, are always very enthusiastic about their internship here.” 

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