“If you have a good idea at Aluchemie you get to put it into practice.”

Roy Braham, Supervisor Shift 3

Roy joined Aluchemie in 2003, at the Furnace department. He is currently supervisor of two departments: the Furnace Department, where he leads a team of 15, and the Finishing Department with 5 people.

Lots of responsibility

“During the day shift I have an assistant, but during the afternoon and night shift I have to do everything. That’s when I have full responsibility for my department. If there are major technical problems I help the team to set the priorities.”

Multifaceted work

“My job takes me to the shop floor and I’m aware of what’s happening there, but I also deal with the management. That’s what makes my work so interesting! I also hold performance and absenteeism interviews, and meetings about the objectives we set at the start of the year. So, a very varied role.”


“My people rotate jobs to make the work more varied.”


In my department the people rotate jobs to make the work more varied. That means that they can do most of the tasks. For example, a crane operator might be on the crane for one shift and control the firing process on the floor the next shift. Some operators have also been trained to work in the control room.” 

Training and scope for development

“We need trained and experienced people. That’s why the company gives everyone the opportunity to follow courses. They have two performance reviews every year in which the options are discussed. When I joined Aluchemie I worked as a Task Operator, that is a junior position. I then became an Operator, Senior Operator, Deputy Supervisor and now Supervisor. Everyone with an interest and ability gets opportunities at Aluchemie. That’s great. I really enjoy my current role, with a lot of variation.”

Most enjoyable aspects

“In my role I have a lot of freedom and responsibility. I also learn lots of new things. That’s what I enjoy most about my work. Here you are encouraged to have ideas. If you have a good idea at Aluchemie you get to put it into practice. There are awards for the best ideas, that motivates people. Additionally, Aluchemie presents four BRAVO awards every year to employees or teams who have done something special.” 

Working in a technical job

“Aluchemie is a true Rotterdam business, we like a direct approach! Working in a technical job means varied work. It’s fun, but also hard work.” 

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