Continuous improvement

We have been making anodes for decades. Apparently we do that quite well as we sell around 350,000 tonnes of them every year. At Aluchemie we take a proactive approach to improvements in areas such as safety, health, environment, quality, efficiency and productivity. Our approach is defined in the Aluchemie Business System (ABS).


350.000 tonnes


Lean and Six Sigma

We use methods such as Lean and Six Sigma. Lean aims to ensure that all process steps add value. Six Sigma aims to minimise variations in the process. Of course, we train our people in using these methods. 

Improvements suggested by customers

We regularly liaise with our customers about options for improvement. For example, a customer might request anodes of a different shape or quality. These can help them produce aluminium more efficiently. Such apparently straightforward requests can lead to complex changes to the Aluchemie production process. But these are exactly the puzzles our technical people enjoy solving and being challenged by. 

Improvements suggested by team members

Everyone at Aluchemie can contribute to business improvement. Every quarter we present the Bravo Award and prizes for the best ideas which have been implemented, to personnel who have done something special or made a particularly good suggestion. 

We are regularly audited by internal and external auditors. These audits help us to maintain our focus, discover learning opportunities, and demonstrate that we really control our processes.