About Aluchemie

In 1962 Aluchemie was set up by Alusuisse. The first anodes were produced in 1964. Over the years several new furnaces and off-gas treatment units were built. Since 2015 the current owners, Rio Tinto and Hydro, have managed the company. 

Almost 300 people (employees and contractors) work at our plant, producing approximately 350,000 tonnes of anodes per year. 


Manufacturing anodes for over 50 years

SINCE 1962

Aluchemie mission, vision and policies


Maintaining our position as preferred anode supplier



Delivering maximum value to our shareholders based on operational excellence and sustainability, and supporting our customers’ production processes

Working efficiently and effectively is important to successfully carry out our mission. We have therefore opted for the organizational structure below:


Strategic highlights

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: health, safety and environment, and the working environment.
  • Operational excellence: continuous improvement, optimising the value chain, and focus on quality.

We are continuously working to improve our processes and products, guided by the Aluchemie Business System (ABS). This system covers all aspects of our business.

Health and safety

The health and safety of personnel, contractors and visitors is of paramount importance to Aluchemie. Besides managing physical protection and procedures, training and the provision of information are key tools for optimising the working environment.

Aluchemie policy statement

Read more about Aluchemie’s policy statement.


We also commission external auditors to audit our processes regularly and to identify new opportunities for improvement. Our certificates include: 

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • ISPS
  • AEO