A reliable partner for the aluminium industry

A reliable partner for the aluminium industry

What does aluchemie produce?

Aluchemie produces anodes. Anodes are high-grade blocks of carbon, used in aluminium manufacturing (smelting). Our customers, aluminium smelters, use our anodes to produce aluminium.

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Aluchemie is a medium-sized company based at Botlek, the large industrial area west of Rotterdam. We have around 300 employees and contractors who together produce approximately 350,000 tonnes of anodes every year. This makes us the largest stand-alone anode manufacturer in Europe, possibly even the world.

220 people

Are employed by Aluchemie

350.000 tonnes of anodes

Are produced every year

Over 50 years

of experience
“Aluchemie offers talented people opportunities.”
Seyit Renda

Operator Paste & Moulding Department

All our products are fully customer-specific.

As these anodes have an essential role in the production process of our customers we focus on quality and continuous communications with our customers.

Aluchemie is owned by Rio Tinto and Hydro, two leading aluminium manufacturers. Our anodes are used in aluminium smelters in Iceland, Canada, France and Norway.

Our product

Aluchemie anodes are high-grade blocks of carbon which our customers use in an electrolytic process. The aluminium smelters send a current through the anodes as a result of which molten aluminium is produced. This is known as the Hall-Heroult process.

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